Framaroot Alternatives & Similar Apps Like Framaroot for Android

Framaroot Alternatives: Framaroot the one-click rooting application was designed by XDA for Android devices. It is one of the greatest rooting software for Android tablets and smartphones and doesn’t need a computer to be connected. However, it does not support few android devices. So, here are few Framaroot alternatives, which can be used for rooting your android gadgets.

Framaroot Alternatives for Android & Similar Apps!

Smartphone penetration is going beyond expectations and today you can find many people around you surfing the internet, playing, listening to music or watching videos on their devices. But PCs are still hanging out there quite strongly, giving these smartphones a tough competition. So, when it comes to rooting a PC, it is something like taking the control of root access to the operating system codes. Android platform anyways offers a lot of access and customisation as compared to its iOS counterpart, but if you root your machine you get access to a completely new level of customisation where no rules and regulations from the manufacturer are applicable.

Framaroot Alternatives

It is something similar to jailbreaking with Apple devices and the warranty gets null and void by a majority of manufacturers if you try to root their products. There are many rooting applications available and Framaroot for PC is one such simple and effective rooting app for PC users.


Vroot is one of the best rooting apps, which can replace Framaroot. It is compatible with both new and old versions of Android OS. It supports any Android device with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, Gingerbread 2.3 and Jelly Bean 4.2. But you need to download various Vroot .apk files for different versions.

KingoApp Root

This rooting software is one of the best and comes as the all-in-one rooting application. It is similar to Framaroot app. It works wonder for all branded android phones, tablets, and other devices. It is as well-organized as Vroot for android devices. So, do give it a try.

SRS Root Software

This app has received a lot of positive reviews from users and beta testers. In case you fail with Vroot or KingoApp, SRS will be the right choice to try. It has been on the market for a long time and considered as the best prior to Vroot. Though it is a new contestant in the rooting segment, it is still considered as a great alternative to Framaroot.


By using KingRoot, you can root your device with computer or without computer. It is one of the most reliable rooting apps and greatly downloaded too. If you want to root your device using PC, this will be ideal. In fact, it is the greatest Framaroot alternative. You can easily un-root the device. It even comes with Purify app that can help in blocking unwanted background apps.

Unlock Root Software

Unlock Root software is a one-click rooting and un-rooting application. It is suggested only if you fail to use SRS, Vroot, and Kingroot for your device.

Root Master

Root Master is an important android rooting application. It supports models such as Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and Sony. Its latest version will be able to root your device without a computer.


Z4root app is an old rooting app using which you can root your phone without a computer. You can even root your old phones with this app. This app has 2 types: temporary and permanent. So, you can root your phones permanently or temporarily by using it. It works well on a huge number of Android phones and tablets.

Rooting and un-rooting devices might be difficult in few cases. You need to get familiar with probable concerns of rooting. In addition to the above alternatives, there are some other rooting apps, which are available such as Easy rooting toolkit and Universal Androot, which you can try. However, in most cases, you can root and un-root your device without using a computer with these Framaroot alternatives.

Once you root your machine, you have complete command over it and you can modify or change anything you want. If you find any application or setting that you don’t like you can replace it or modify it. Though it sounds pleasant, it can also create havoc if not done properly. The limitations are there for a purpose and overriding those needs you to be very responsible and ready to take a risk in case things go wrong.

Framaroot APK is available for Android devices and you can download the latest version easily. It is available for free and it is a popular one-click rooting app for Android devices. It

KingRoot for PC Windows /7/8/8.1/10 Free Download

The appearance of Kingroot was some time ago and was a boom; Android devices could be rooted in a single click, only Kingroot had to be downloaded, but then with the updates that Android applied the program or software stopped being useful. Immediately they went to work, and now Kingroot has released a new version that enables you to root more than 100,000 devices. If you are using Windows OS and want to use Kingroot for PC or Laptops then this article can help you.

What is kingroot: At this time Kingroot cannot with all the terminals, some versions and models are not yet possible to root, but in a particular time they will be because they are working for it. You want to root your device and can not find a way to do it; you are afraid of damaging your element, for now, you can download Kingroot, the application that will solve these problems

At this moment Kingroot can be downloaded and used correctly in 103790 devices, you just have to download the Kingroot APK application, and you can route without problems in a single click. You use Android or Windows, well congratulations, you’re in luck and you can start installing this software because unfortunately for iPhone users, and other brands Kingroot cannot be used in all operating systems, it is said that they are still working on it, but every time the thing gets more complicated, the encryptions are bigger and more difficult to deduce.

Kingroot for PC

KingRoot for PC Windows – Download and install

KingRoot For PC officially not released but with the help of Android Emulators, you can easily install Kingroot on your Windows PC or Laptop.

The operating system most used in the world for smartphones is the Android system and with a large number of devices such as phones or tablets that use Android. Now you can root an android mobile is simple, you just have to download kingroot and with a single click, if you have one of the devices that this application can root, you will have solved, completely rooted and very fast, easily and without any cost.

How to Download and Install Kingroot on PC

Step 1: First, you will need to download any Android Emulator. Bluestacks and Nox App Player are most popular and simple Android Emulators. Here we will use Bluestacks.

Step 2: You can download Bluestacks from its official website which is:

Step 3: Install Bluestacks and setup it.

Step 4: Once Installed, you can see homescreen. Now You will need to download Kingroot Apk file on your PC from here.

Step 5: Once downloaded, all you need to do is, simply drag and drop it to the Bluestacks Homescreen.

Step 6: Once Installed, click on it to open.

Step 7: Click on Root.

Features on Kingroot for PC

  • Kingroot new version support almost all Android devices, including Sony Xperia Z3.
  • Kingroot also improves their support to Android Lollipop on Kingroot So it can be used well with the latest
  • Android devices which use Android Lollipop like Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • Kingroot can work without an internet connection; you shouldn’t worry about your data usage.

The best thing besides the useful and simple to use that is this application is its price, it will not cost you anything because Kingroot is entirely free and that make a lot of users are starting to use it without hesitation, everything that is shared free uploads like foam, and this software is no different, in these moments more than 1,500,000 users are looking for a month to download Kingroot for free , and many more that are expected to be shortly because its utility is very large, and its popularity increases at times.

Kingroot for PC: Those who do not have Android, can also try Kingroot, in some things it works and it does well, but first, they should check the list of devices with which it can work and root.

Thanks for reading our guide on how to install Kingroot For PC/Laptops. Comment down on any issues.

KingRoot APK Download For Android Smartphones

Kingroot Apk Download: Rooting your phone is one of the lengthy and complicated procedure to do that on your own. Anyways that’s the past. Now there are many apps available in the play store to make the business done. They will complete the task automatically. All you have to do is just a single tap and boom. Quite easy, isn’t it? Read our Complete Guide to Kingroot Apk download and how to Install it.

Kingroot APK is an Android application which lets you root your phone in a single click. They’re no lengthy procedures to get your mobile rooting done anymore. This is one of the best apps in the market to root your smartphone. You can install Kingroot Apk on any android device using the operating system between 4.2.2 to 5.2. Before installing this app on your phone better if you check the compatibility.

You can find an adequate number of features in Kingroot Apk to include it in the list of best apps for rooting. The key feature in this app is “the app finishes one tap rooting” which helps to root your device with just one tap and the rest. There are even additional benefits by installing this app. This app makes sure that your device’s performance will be boosted than before. If you feel your device is lagging too much, then you can use this app for the multiple purposes. No doubt, it will make your device processing faster than ever.


Bloatwares are the pre-installed applications that can’t be deleted until you root your device. They will just make your phone processing slow even though you don’t use them. You can save your RAM by uninstalling them through this procedure. If you use lots of apps on your smartphone, then this app is just one for you. This app automatically ends the tasks that are running in the background which kill your battery life. So install this app to save your battery life from drowning fast.

KingRoot App Features:

It’s necessary to learn about its functions and features before you use this app. KingRoot has some remarkable features to Root your Android Phone.

  • Easy Root by One Click: It is extremely easy to root.
  • All you have to do is just download and install this App on your Android device and start it, then click on the Root button and the rooting your device is finished.
  • KingRoot App does not require any internet connection.
  • This app is free: KingRoot Android rooting App is free of cost.

Download Kingroot Apk:

You can’t find this application in the Google Play store for some unknown reasons. Still, you can download the app by following the below steps.

How To Install Kingroot Apk

Step 1: Open the Kingroot Apk downloaded file here (Download Kingroot Apk)

Step 2: A notification will pop up asking you for the permission to install the application.

Step 3: Click on the install. Now the apk is installed on your smartphone

Step 4: Open the app and root your smartphone.

How to Root Any Android Phone using Kingroot App

  • First, download Kingroot Apk from here.
  • Click on it and tap install.
  • You will need to Enable Unknown Sources from Settings > Security.

  • Once Enabled, Click on Install.

  • Once Installation finished, open the app and click on Root.

Our website has no official or commercial relationship with Kingroot, it is owned by, and although we always try to offer the best information, and links cannot guarantee, nor are we responsible for such material. We always recommend that if you want to download Kingroot or update our software, we do it from official websites or App Store including Play Store, Black market, and Apple App Store, and for any questions or download you can visit the official website of Kingroot.

Kingroot is the app we will recommend to anyone who wants to root their smartphones. Follow the above procedure. In case if you faced any trouble, feel free to comment below.